Our vision is to create an enriching environment that meets and exceeds the standards by providing students and the community with extensive educational opportunities that promote academic, social, and emotional achievement and proficiency by teaching and
encouraging racial, ethnic, and cultural sensitivity, tolerance, and cooperation in the fields of the arts, science, and technology.
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Our mission is to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of all our students including English Language Learners and Special Education students through our various educational programs and resources. We seek to foster greater harmony with the community by challenging all our students to achieve their fullest potential, by creating a community of learners that includes students, parents, staff, and members of the community. We envision developing lifelong learners and leaders who demonstrate respect for themselves and others.

Take the A Train to Success"
Our mandate at the Duke Ellington School is to develop and maintain a positive learning environment that will identify the needs of each child; endeavor to make a significant difference in his/her development; maximize opportunities for his/her success; and foster the characteristics of good citizenship and personal responsibility. Our core curriculum emphasizes higher-order thinking skills and the integration of technology into all content areas. We follow a rigorous curriculum for both our English-speaking and Bilingual students. The school also promotes analytical thinking throughout all of the academic subjects. We promote academic achievement and dual language proficiency by teaching and encouraging racial, ethnic, and cultural sensitivity, tolerance, and cooperation. P.S. 4 provides opportunities for academic and personal growth. Students participate in activities that instill an appreciation of differences, as well as respect for themselves, others, and the
environment. All academic activities prepare students to meet global challenges through the integration of technology into all subject areas.