The School of One

The School of One at M.S. 131 in Manhattan is pioneering a new way to learn in school. The school is implementing an approach to truly provide differentiated instruction each day for each students by creating individualized daily plans (Playlists) for each student based on student assessments, individualized learning styles, interests, expressions, abilities, and more. When students enter school their schedule is posted on a digital display (think flight schedule screen at the airport) and this schedule is based on their assessments from the previous day using an assessment algorithm. Every day, students study skills from their personalized Playlist and then take a Playlist Update (assessment) at the end of each of day. The next day they receive a new and different schedule. Student classes take place in the School of One Mission Room that has been created in the school library.

Download the School of One Student Handbook.ppt

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Laptop? Check. Student Playlist? Check. Classroom of the Future? Check.
Published: July 22, 2009Laptop computers, video games and individual schedules are among the components of the School of One program, a $1 million educational experiment in Lower Manhattan.