LOGO_NYC_Plain_copy.gifDepartment of Education
Manhattan Office of Instructional Technology
Teresa Bader, Director
Amy Reynolds, Assistant Director

Quality use of instructional technology
provides multiple opportunities for teachers and students
to leverage existing and emerging technologies, to foster teaching and learning environments to become self-directed learners,
who have opportunities and will be prepared to compete and succeed in the twenty-first century.

Grant Goal:
The grants were designed to help school leaders in seven selected schools create and implement, with their respective staffs, a shared vision for becoming a 21st century teaching and learning environment.

This grant will enable teachers to:
  • use the Habits of Mind as the lens for discussions of instructional practices that support the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills in our students
  • leverage the use of Web 2.0 Tools to improve teaching and learning and provide students with a 21st century skill set
  • to create learning environments that are:
    • Interactive and engaging
    • Relevant and authenic
    • Collaborative and inclusive
    • Employing 21st-century tools & technology
    • Leveraging experts and resources in and outside of school

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