LOGO_NYC_Plain_copy.gifDepartment of Education
Manhattan Office of Educational Technology
Lisa Nielsen, Technology Innovation Manager
Carolyn Semet, Beth Richards, Joshua Wolff - Technology Innovation Specialists


Partnership for School Innovation

Creating Model Twenty-first Century Schools
Community School Districts 1, 2, 5, & 6

Destination: NYC 2010

Roadmap to 21st Century Schools
Suggested Reading National Educational Technology Standards 'NETS' Video: Shift Happens The Complete Web 2.0 Directory

Professional Development Office of Educational Technology - Manhattan
Heart of Change Inc. Leadership, Organizational & Instructional Improvement - Implementing Habits of Mind Systemic Change, Creating a Vision for a 21st Century School, Creating an Action Plan
Rob Bocchino & Kathy Bocchino: Site visits to model schools to provide workshops in instructional strategies, leadership, technical coaching, and teacher support.
JDL Horizons Integrating Technology and Global Collaboration into the high school Science and Social Studies curriculum
Project: 'Where Does the Water Go?" / High Schools
Grade Level Projects - Elementary Schools
School Town is a safe social network for kids and the adults in their real world to learn, share, and connect. - Elementary Schools
NetTrekker NetTrekker is a safe avenue for students to search the Internet for content in line with state-specific standards .

First Stop

WhyAre We Changing the Way We Teach?

Information Literacy Teaching Zach to Think Preparing students for the work force
Travel Guide:
Alan November

Second Stop

How Are We Changing the Way We Teach?

Wikis, and Podcasts, Learning with the Read/Write Web
Travel Guide:
Will Richardson

Third Stop
Digital Documentaries: Filmmaking

Engaging Students in Authentic Learning Experiences

Travel Guide: Marco Torres
Travel Guide: Joshua Wolff, Title 2D- Instructional Technology Staff Developer

Fourth Stop

Experiential Learning: It’s a challenge, it’s hands-on, it’s learning in action!

Travel Guide: Veryl Green

Fifth Stop

Learning Communities: Online Discussion Forums

Travel Guides:
Learning Network and Discussion Forum 2009 - 2010
Discussion forum: 08-09